I'm working on new version, but is still very much an early Beta.

MAB Screen Shot Mab is a Rich Web Application to search products on all 6 Amazon-branded sites (com, ca,, fr,, showing results in a handy interface, typical of desktop programs. MAB lets you search within one window without distracting you with plenty of images and texts not concerning what you are effectively looking for. MAB can make you feel like the world's most powerful bookstore clerk!
If you are using Mozilla or Firefox browser you can try it now using the remote version, that doesn't require any kind of installation. If you are using another browser, unfortunately, you can see only the screen shots.

System requirements

MAB 1.4.1 has been tested on:

MAB 1.3.5 has been tested on:

Key Features


MAB was born as a "proof of concept" to play with XUL and to discover the potential application of Mozilla to develop Rich Web Application. I would like to thank you:

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